Top 10 trekking peaks in Nepal

Likely, world knows that from 10 world’s highest mountains, Nepal possess 8 highest mountains on planet. According to the height grade, there are more than 1900 small and big mountains; thereby Nepal is showcased of high mountains for world’s climbers and trekkers. Each and every mountains holds new enthusiasm, new excitement, the country is fragranced with snowy mountains. Trekkers or climbers would like to experience the trekking peaks in Nepal but have no idea which trekking peaks to pick? These tips will help to make it easy for you. After much care all trekking peaks on the top 10 of Nepal are really the ten best trekking peaks in Nepal and have been charily special.

Island Peak Climbing Trek (6,160 meters)

By winning the high elevation of Island Peak you can actualize your dream of peak climbing trek in Nepal. Island peak climbing trek is an excellent involvement in the elevated Himalayan where climbers completely throw themselves into relish and thrill. Walking through glacier, snow and ice filled steep trail to rise thousands of meters of Island peak is valor of every climbers. Throughout the Island peak climbing trek climbers can enjoy the kindness of welcoming people of Khumbu region and glorious landscape with diverse culture and traditions. Such natural and cultural phenomenon adds more enthusiasm on Island peak climbing. While making this adventurous peak climbing trek in Khumbu region, climbers get chance to summit the 5,545 meters of Kalapathar and 5,354 meters of Everest Base Camp trek. The Island peak is also known as Imja Tse peak climbing in Nepal.

Mera Peak Climbing Trek (6,654 meters)

Mera Peak ClimbingNepal is imbued of plethora of trekking and mountaineering areas, wherein Mera peak climbing trek in Khumbu region of Nepal is the most coveted peak among world’s climbers and trekkers. Clearly, climbers with great passion on peak climbing can’t miss the opportunity to encounter the high elevation of Mera peak. It is believed that person who has conquered the Mera peak can make an effort to climb Mt Everest. It is a difficult peak climbing trek so it requires prior climbing experience with physical strength. March to May is the best season to mount the Mera peak.

Yala Peak Climbing Trek (5,520 meters)

The breathtaking adventure of Yala peak in the Langtang region is well-suit for starter climbers, Yala peak climbing trek is an easy peak trek with shortest climbing expedition. The charm of Yala peak discovers in the very popular valley of Langtang. Due to shortest climb, climbers with inadequate time can easily accomplish the Yala peak climbing trek. Throughout the ascend climbers can have irresistible views of Mt. Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Lenpo Gang and so on. Climbers with no experience can make this peak trek.

Chulu West Peak Climbing Trek (6,419 meters)

Chulu East Peak ClimbingChulu West in the tract of Annapurna is an ideal peak climbing trek for the climbers. The Annapurna region has little harsh snow condition in which this make climbers to climb Chulu West partly strenuous. Chulu West peak is watch out by many peaks and Mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri Annapurna and many more. Climbers to Chulu West can delight in of an effervescent view of these snowy mountains. It is moderate-difficult peak trek so one should be experienced with good staying power. Both spring and autumn are the most chosen season for this peak expedition.

Lobuche Far East Peak Climbing Trek (6,120 meters)

Lobuche East Peak ClimbingIf to glimpse the firsthand view of Mt. Everest by up close then climbing Lobuche peak is the most factors affecting for the mountaineers. Lobuche east peak climbing trek is the most intricate trekking and peak climbing experience in Khumbu region and above Lobuche village. The ponytail of Lobuche has a pyramid shape, trekkers to Everest base camp can visibly glance those ponytail. During this peak climbing trek one can make out “Ngozzumpa Glacier” the biggest glacier of Nepal Himalayas. Due to steeper slope with snow and ice it is difficult peak trek and only for experience climbers. March to May is an ideal season for this peak expedition.

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Trek (5,846 meters)

Naya Kanga Peak ClimbingFor climbers and trekkers in Nepal, Naya Kanga peak in the courtyard of Langtang valley is a kind of most interesting peak. Even though no one knows who had first scaled its pinnacle but people accept as true that Tillman received congratulatory for accomplishment. While climbing the peak climbers forced to view the fascinating mountains of both Nepal and Tibet. Langshisha RI, Pemthang RI, Mt. Shisapangma, Langtang Lirung, Langtang II and many more small and big mountains are lucrative. It is easy-moderate peak trek so both seasoned and beginners can make it. Early October and March to May is the best season for this peak expedition.

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing Trek (6,501 meters)

Singu Chuli Peak ClimbingIn the heartbeat range of Annapurna Singu Chuli peak is settled which has added prettiness of this trekking experience. Generally, climbing Singu Chuli the north east face is chosen by the climbers. As a result, among mountaineers climbing Singu Chuli Mountain is most beautiful and thrilling. As the climbers get closer to Singu Chuli their reaction about the mountain will switch and also this will grow better. Being severe temperature, Singu Chuli peak trek in Nepal is difficult to summit. From August to November and March to June are the significant seasons to climb Singu Chuli.

Pisang Peak Climbing Trek (6,091 meters)

Pisang Peak ClimbingIf you would like to confess the challenge of high altitude and terrifying adventure in Nepal then Pisang peak climbing in the tract of Annapurna will be your right choice for your experience. A fine range of journeying and special involvement of peak climbing in Nepal Himalayas is overture for climbers and trekkers. Throughout this peak trek wanderers can enjoy a chirpy view of numerous mountains like Tilicho peak, Annapurna I, II and IV, Gangapurna and domed glacier. This peak trekking will lead the trail of Annapurna circuit in which trekkers go over through 5,416 meters high pass of Thorung-La. It is moderate-difficult peak trek so require endurance power with peak climbing experience. October, November and March to June is best season to endeavor.

Ramdung Peak Climbing Trek (5,930 meters)

The thrilling 21 days peak climbing trek to Ramdung peak is a grand chance to delve into the wonderful and fascinating rolwalling valley in Nepal of Everest tract. Making the top of Ramdung peak is a tricky peak expedition wherein efforts can be discouraged by snow fall of deep, soft snow, rough screed of the moraine wall,steep route climb filled with ice makes Ramdung peak climbing trek more perilous. Incredible views from 5,600 meters of Mt. Gauri Shankar, Kang Nachugo, Chobutse and Chugimago all ruling the blue sky. The Tsho Rolpa Lake and Thakarding Glacier at the terminus has added more thrilling to this peak climbing trek. Ramdung is a difficult peak climbing trek and requires prior high altitude trekking and climbing experience with great endurance power.

Himchuli Peak Climbing Trek (6,441 meters)

Hiunchuli Peak CLimbingIn the list of 6,000 meters climbing peak in Nepal, Himchuli peak is the 4th highest peak placed to Annapurna South and has been forming a tough icy south wall. Climbers and trekkers hike through the Annapurna sanctuary to commence this trek and this continue up to Hinko. Due to great possibilities of avalanche and rock falls the top of Himchuli peak is hardly ever conquered by the mountaineers. It is a difficult peak trek so climbers should have prior climbing knowledge with good health. March to last of May and August to November is the perfect season to put effort to Himchuli peak.

These peak climbing trek Skyline treks considered to be the complete package. These all are filled with beautiful sights, adventure, surprises and remarkable history.

Top Himalayan Viewpoints in Nepal

If you are thinking where could be the best Himalayan view points on planet? Certainly, no one can refuse to accept Nepal, abode to several worlds’ highest mountain including Mt.Everest, the world’s highest ponytail with an elevation of 8,848 meters/29,029 ft. The country is teeming of natural and cultural phenomenon which is heaven, passion, prayer and peace of soul. The stunning beauty and a mystic touch about Nepal can only unveiled after the exploration and invasion. The jewel wear beauty of nature in every Himalayan section will live up to the expectation; there is something about the Himalayas views that makes you experience heavenly, a very mystic touch of calm that really comes alive in the Everest and Annapurna trek. Down we have point out some top Himalayan viewpoints in Nepal so that you can savor nature’s beauty at its soothing best.

Kala Patthar view point

Kalapathar View PointIn intimidating summit to Kala Patthar that soars high with an elevation of 5,545 meters above the mountain, this high Himalayan view point in Everest tract is definitely adventurous for the trekkers. However, trekkers to Kala Patthar will exhaust beyond limit, so throughout the push trekkers be trained the importance of stability and attention. Getting the summit of Kala Patthar is predominantly for the priceless view of sunrise that baths the spire of Mt.Everest through its golden light and as well meeting Everest as closely as possible. Besides, impressive views, the pleasure of getting feat of Kala Patthar is thrilling.


Nagarkot view point.

From Kathmandu to Nagarkot tour covered the distance of 32 km over 1 to 2 days, and the highest view point is at 2195 meters, there by Nagarkot is only the nearby and relaxed place for view point in Nepal that gives trekkers the views of Himalayas ranging from Dhaulagiri in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east including Mt. Everest. Besides, Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest, the clear, sharp and a delightful view of Langtang, Dorje Lakpa and Gaurishankar ranges is astounding. Moreover, Nagarkot view point hill station is more prettiness for the glorious view of sunrise and sunset over the spire of Mountains. Nagarkot let the trekkers to view nature direct from the hotel’s terrace.

Khopra Ridge view point

With an elevation 3,600 meters of Khopra Ridge so-called Khopra Danda in the tract of Annapurna is popular for best view point of several pearly mountains. It is one kind of View point in Nepal which has teahouse hanging atop. Thereby, trekkers who trip Khopra Ridge for best mountains views should reside overnight in the high altitude and in the morning as you open the teahouse window you have firsthand views of Mt.Dhaulagiri and Annapurna from your room. If to fully indulge with the beauty of Khopra Ridge then trekkers must run with 6-7 days of adequate time. Camping on the Khopra Ridge view point is icing on the cake.

Gokyo RI view point

At an elevation of 5,357 meters in Everest tract, there is a mystic view point of Gokyo RI. Although, Gokyo RI is not well-known and less explored by the trekkers but the views of some eight thousanders mountains including Mt.Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho-oyu from its top is disquieting. It is to be said that the first light of sun over Mt.Everest is incredibly apparent from its top than the top of Kala Patthar. The both view point of Gokyo RI and the view point of Kala Patthar is known as mirror image. Besides, Mountains trekkers can view the glacial Gokyo lakes that are pride and joy.

Pikey Peak view point

Gaining the high altitude of 4,065 meters of Pikey peak trekkers can have spellbinding view of Mt.Everest and the neighboring mountains. It is endorsed by Edmund Hillary that Pikey peak viewpoint in Nepal is one of his much loved and finest hill station to sight Everest. Furthermore to Everest this View point is famous for the mystical views of eight thousanders meters mountains, Mt.Dhaulagiri in the far west and Mt.Kanchenjunga to the east. Pikey peak view point is laid in the far-flung tract of lower Everest and requires nearly 6 days to make complete view trip. Trekkers can get to Pikey peak view point through mountain bike, but it is highly recommended only for expert mountain bikers.

Tengboche view point

“Tengboche” in the courtyard of Everest or in the Khumbu region with an elevation of 3,867 meters is celebrated as the biggest and leading Buddhist monastery of the region. Despite being biggest monastery, Tengboche the elevated view point is justly famous for the breathtaking views of the entire Himalayan range which is stage for some of the world’s highest mountains including Mt.Everest. It is important for the trekkers who want just 5 days of short and easy trek as Everest view trek.

 Syangboche view Point.

The covering of Namche Bazaar ‘Syangboche hill’ is popular for Everest view hotel with an elevation of 3,800 meters where trekkers can view various Himalayan peak like Mt.Thamserku,Amadablam,Kusum Kangroo,Tabuche,Nuptse,Lhotse and the giant Mt.Everest. Thereby, Syangboche hill view point in the tract of Khumbu has an incredible view of the surroundings which absolutely wave in front of every trekker eyes.

Poon Hill view Point.

The trek towards the striking view point of Poon Hill rise to an elevation of 3,210 meters. The profusion of Poon Hill view point usually climbs through the baby steps up to the high elevation which stand out the beauty and picturesque of the numerous snowy mountains like, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, Annapurna I, Machhapuchhre (the fish tailed),Annapurna II,III,IV,Nilgiri and many more. Besides, mountain views as closely as possible, Poon Hill is incredibly ideal for the soothing and tranquil view of sun rise over the peaks and bathes them in golden light. This Poon Hill view trek requires 4-5 day hike through the rhododendron forest which is astounding to the trekkers.

Sarangkot Hill View Point

Sarangkot HikingThe colour of Sarangkot hill view point generally deepens toward the top and also with the elevation of 1592 meters for the observer. It is one of the best view points nearby Pokhara which exhibit some of the peerless views of Annapurna Himalayan Mountain range and Dhaulagiri mountain range. Especially, early in the morning Sarangkot expose the white attired mountains seem to be fully clad in pink, while the view early evening is more amazing where an orange shadow heaves upon the mountains. It is short and easy view trek with steady rises so that even first time trekkers can delight in.

So these are the wonderful Himalayan viewpoint in Nepal that Skyline treks recommend.

Major Domestic Airlines in Nepal

In recent times, Nepal aviation sector has developed multi-fold. Some experienced players have established in the industry and some fresh are about to introduce in the field. Besides, state-run airlines, a few of private companies have joined the field, so offering more options to the customer. At present, air travel in Nepal is cut off the copyright of the wealthy and mighty. Air traveling in Nepal has turn into easier and economical. Private airlines including Buddha air, Yeti airlines, Tara air, Simrik air, Saurya airlines, Nepal airlines, Goma air, Sita air etc, ensuing their passengers with fair rates, thus making civil aviation cost-effective. These airlines are connecting with ever more cities and as well Himalayan sections to their list of landing-place stretched out right through the country. Resulting, considering both public and visitors the Major domestic airlines in Nepal have designed traveling more relaxed. Most of the people are choosing for traveling in different parts of the country by air, so that to save their much of time in traveling. If to compare air travel with other means of transportation, here is a short and sweet trailer of major domestic airlines in Nepal. This comprises private airlines along with low-priced domestic airlines in Nepal.

Buddha Air    

Buddha AirAs private limited company, Buddha airline is one of the major domestic airlines in Nepal and was established on April 23, 1996. Besides, domestic flights in Nepal, Buddha air runs its international services in India and Bhutan. Since the period of establishment Buddha airlines predominantly work for big towns and cities in Nepal, it is connected with the ten landing-places in Kathmandu and Varanasi city in India. Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu is the key headquarter of Buddha airline. For the mountain lovers Buddha air serves mountain flights and takes to the range of Everest and Annapurna.

Yeti Airlines

Yeti AirlinesMaking the headquarter in Kathmandu, the Yeti airline domestic private limited established in May 1998 and collect it’s Certificate of Air operant  on 17 August 1998. After merging with Tara air, Yeti airlines is known as the father of Tara air, as a result the two airlines go right together as the status of leading domestic flight operator in Nepal. Yeti airline has been offering ten destinations of domestic flights and executing a speedy of seven aircraft. In 2017 Yeti airline has bought the two new series of aircraft and demonstrated that after Buddha airline, Yeti is the second operator and major domestic airlines of these aircraft in Nepal.

Tara Airlines

Tara airlines private limited was founded in 2009, employing aircraft from Yeti airlines force and is positioned at Tribhuvan International Airport, making Kathmandu it’s headquarter. Tara air significantly operates daily planned flights from Kathmandu to Lukla and Pokhara to Jomsom. Thereby Lukla and Jomsom, the remote and mountainous airports of Nepal is hub for Tara airlines on serving. Apart from Lukla and Jomsom the other landing-points are served at changeable rate.  Through a STOL designed fleet it services for air charter flight and high altitude hilly places that is provided by Yeti Airlines. Tara airlines has penchant for perfection on operating scheduled domestic flights to a number of destination in Nepal.

Simrik Air

On the listing of major domestic airlines in Nepal, Simrik airlines is for spearheading private airlines based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The airline was found in 2009, making Kathmandu airport its focal point, Pokhara airport is subordinate hubs of Simrik airlines. The airline has 5 numbers of fleet, through which it operates on serving for 6 destinations in Nepal. The head office of Simrik airlines is to be found in Kathmandu and is offering every day mountain flight sightseeing from Kathmandu. Simrik airline is a reincarnation of Agni airlines so it to fly the plane of Agni’s.

Saurya Airlines

Launched in 2014, Saurya airline is a major domestic airline in Nepal and is a fresh established private airline company. The head office of Saurya airlines is settled in Kathmandu of Sinamangal and Tribhuvan International Airport is its focal point. Through its jet based plane Saurya airlines has been granting excellent services to the passengers. The airlines have 2 numbers of spacious fleet and operating its services for 4 destinations in the country. Towards domestic area in Nepal Saurya airline is one and only the jet operator having the highest capacity of 50 passengers. If to compare Saurya airline with other airliners, it is the only quicker air service company of Nepal.

Nepal Airlines

Nepal airline was established in July 1958 and is the Nepal’s first major domestic airlines, run by Nepal Government as Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation of the country. The principal office of Nepal airlines is Kathmandu in the building of Nepal Airlines Corporation. Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu is an abode of Nepal airline. From the runway of Tribhuvan International Airport, it flies and serves to 8 international and 25 domestic destinations. Today Nepal airline is the biggest airlines company in Nepal and runs 10 fleet of airliner. On the other hand the airline is all set to add more 5 aircraft in the years to come.

Goma Air

In March 15, 2017 the major domestic airlines of Nepal Goma Airlines, got its formally changed name as Summit Air. The airline is settled and built it’s headquarter in Kathmandu Nepal. The airline based is Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu Nepal. Kathmandu airport is the center point of the airline and airport in Nepalgunj is its subordinate. It has numbers of 6 fleet to operate in servicing to 10 destinations in Nepal. The airlines add 2 more new series of aircraft in October 2014 for Jomsom and Lukla which is best domestic carrier in Nepal with regards to quality service and on-time performance.

Most Popular Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in Nepal

If you are looking to discover Buddhist monasteries, where you can let your hair down and spend time pondering the serene and sacred surrounding. Then Nepal is one of the most opportune destinations meeting your anticipation. Nepal is a country which is rich in Buddhist culture and monasteries, the nation is hub on a blend of Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepal is blessed with the fact that Lord Buddha born in the land and walked on sermonized to its people and accomplished bodhi on this heavenly land. In fact, there are so many destinations in Nepal that worth among the Buddhist devotees and visitors. Here is all you need to know about the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal.



Relating to Lord Buddha, Lumbini is the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal for both Buddhist followers and visitors. Lumbini is the place where prince Siddhartha Gautam was born in 563 BCE.This attractive archaeological sites is also a part of UNESCO world Heritage site. The blessed site of Lumbini is enclosed by lots of monasteries which are enthralling. From the east face the Theravada monasteries and from the west face, Mahayana and Vajrayana monasteries has bordered. Besides, monasteries Lumbini is famous for numerous Buddhist practices, like revered Bodhi tree, temple of Mayadevi, Asoka pillar and primal bathing pond. Lumbini is nearly 300 km away from south-west of Kathmandu and based in the foothills of the effervescent Himalayas, the panorama of the nature has added the beauty of Lumbini which is astounding. Definitely Lumbini has evolved a strong temptation for plethora of pilgrims and nature- lovers too.

Bouddhanath Monastery                         

Being the largest monastery in the world and outmoded Monastery in Nepal, the Bouddhanath Monastery of Nepal in Kathmandu valley has ruled the horizon. In 1979 Bouddhanath monastery was listed in UNESCO world Heritage site. Among many monasteries in Nepal Bouddhanath stupa is an ideal and utmost spiritual site for the Buddhist belief. While in 1959 when Chinese made a foray, then thousands of Tibetan Buddhist entered in Nepal and work up for the stupa and determined to live around the Bouddhanath stupa.

Swyambhunath Monastery

Atop of a narrowed wooden hill of Kathmandu valley, the prehistoric religious architecture of Swyambhunath Monastery is placed. Among all blessed monasteries around Kathmandu, the golden tower of Swyambhunath is one the most primitive and sacred monastery for the Buddhist. It is well-regarded by both Buddhists and Hindus. The Monastery (Stupa) is placed inside the edifice of Swyambhunath and consists of numerous statues of Buddha and temples. According to the legend, the figure of Swyambhunath is founded between of 464 CE to 505 CE. On the cubical formation assembling on the top dome the eyes of Buddha is brilliantly painted. The monumental gateways are there over every four frames and have sculptures carved on them. Visitors and devotees have to scale 365 stepladders to reach out the Monastery.

Kathesimbu monastery

Kathesimbu Monastery is an interpretation of 17th century legendary Swyambhunath Stupa, among the most renowned Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal Kathesimbu is one of kind. It is stuck between Thamel and Durbar Square, through the remained supplies of Swyambhunath Stupa the Kathesimbu was constructed. The monastery is enclosed by many small stupas, carving and images that lay in a veiled court. Due to the destructive earthquake in 2015 it has lesser harm which is observed by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Kopan Monastery

The Kopan monastery is wonderfully garlanded and hidden by the Bodhi trees. In olden days it was well chosen by the king of Nepal for astrologer dwelling place. From corner to corner, the scene of Kopan monastery is purely fascinating. Almost 400 monks, lamas, teachers and workers are making Kopan monastery as their home. The devotees who are residing in this monastery dedicated their entire life and time to learn the philosophy of Buddha Shakyamuni. In Kopan monastery devotees can learn about monkish tradition in which they are learned how monk live and what did they practiced. The salient features of this monastery are meditation, education and people services. The founder, lama Thubten Yeshe and Zopa Riponche tutor about the enlightenment of Buddhism.

Namobuddha Monastery.

Namobuddha Monastery rises at an elevation of 1,750 meters, to the east and 40 km away from Kathmandu valley in Dhulikhel Kavre. Particularly for Tibetan Buddhist, Namobuddha monastery has great significance and is one of the most crucial pilgrimage sites in Nepal. According to the myth, many incalculable years ago Buddha abandoned his body out of benevolence for a tigress and her cubs dying with hunger, the place where prince Buddha gave up his body is settled as present Namobuddha monastery and near is the cave lived the tigress. Namobuddha is an ideal place for meditation and practice, the spectacle of sunrise and sunset along with snow-covered ranges of mountains is a masterpiece of nature to Namobuddha hill.

Tengboche monastery

The monastery that is surrounded by world’s highest snow-capped mountains including Mt.Everest, and situated in Khumbu (Everest) region at an elevation of 3,800 meters is Tengboche monastery. It is the largest Buddhist monastery of Khumbu region in Tengboche village. While making Everest Base Camp trekking most of the trekkers pay their visit and received blessing from the biggest and oldest Buddhist priest for their safe and sound journey. During the Mani Rimdu festival Tengboche monastery is mainly crowded and it is the major attraction for tourist and devotees in Nepal. One not is missed to visit Tengboche monastery while on Everest Base Camp trek.

Thus, Skyline Treks team is ready to assist both visitors and supporters by catering most Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal.

Most Popular Hindu Temples in Nepal

Among the entire religion in the world, Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religion which compress more than 800 million devotees worldwide. However, most of the Hindus reside in Nepal, there are large numbers existing in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia too. Virtually 500 years ago the temple structure in Nepal was started and pronounced the conversion of Hinduism from the Vedic religion. The design of Hindu temples has progressed ever since ensuing in a grand diversity of techniques. Generally, the temples are committed to one major Hindu divinity and mark an icon of the divinity. As a result, idolization is well-liked in Hindu religion. Despite, it is not imperative for Hindu to visit their temple frequently, they employ in a most important responsibility in Hindu humanity and culture. The most popular Hindu temples in Nepal are named below.Muktinath Temple

 Pashupatinath Temple

The Pashupatinath temple is one of the lime lighted Hindu temples in the world. The word “Pashupatinath” means the God of Animals where numerous of monkeys has occupant the temple premise. Since 1979 Pashupatinath temple is an integral part of UNESCO world heritage sites. It is settled in the reservoir of Bagmati River in north-east of Kathmandu valley and a most revered place of cremation for Hindus. Including the key temple Pashupatinath has other 518 temples and monuments and is one of the holy dwellings of lord Shiva on the continent. Hindus can for sure permit to enter the temple areas where others can only view from the other side of the river. Nearby the main temple of Pashupatinath there is the area of Kali, who married his own mother and so-called the biggest evil-doer, so Kali was cursed by gods to stay as a stone figure under the ground. It is supposed that the more wrongdoings on earth, the more rise of that stone statue from the ground and once it completely comes out the entire world will bring to an end.

Muktinath temple

After Pashupatinath temple, the most sought-after temple by the Hindu people is the temple of Muktinath. Making Mount Thorung-la its base, Muktinath temple is standing at the high elevation of 3,800 meters in Mustang district. For both visitors and followers, Muktinath temple is accepted as pilgrimage tour in Nepal. The temple has been carrying great weight for both Hindu and Buddhists. In pursuit of salvage (Mukti) from restless heart and need peace in soul, pilgrims and visitors across the world undertake the challenges of harsh and perilous routes towards Muktinath temple. Jomsom Muktinath trekking is popular trekking to visit the holy temple.

Manakamana Temple

The blessed place of Hindu goddess Manakamana temple is to be found in the Gorkha district of Nepal and is an epitome of deity Bhagwati and Parvati. The word Manakamana derives from the two Nepali words, “Mana and Kamana” which means heart for Mana and wish for Kamana. Thus, it is believed that all of those who make the visit to her temple to adore her will grant the wishes. 105 km far from Kathmandu the temple is sited and one can easily reach via cable car in present days. On the other hand, visitors can hike for a couple of hours to reach at the Manakamana temple.

Swoyambhunath Stupa (Temple)

The temple that holds grand value for both Hindu and Buddhist and is one of the primeval religious sites of Nepal is Swoyambhunath Stupa. In recent years the Stupa is famous among the tourists by the name of Monkey Temple, due to the temple areas voluminous by the monkeys. According to the legend, long ago the place was inundated with water where packed of lotus grew. Swoyambhunath obtained its holly name while it was designed greater than self-explaining timeless flare. It is be composed of an arcade at its bottom; on the top is a cubical architecture that is highlighted with the eyes of Buddha, gazing the all four directions. There are five enormous golden effigies of Buddha that has added more attraction for the visitors. Swoyambhunath is a superior essence of architecture which arrogantly attitudes 365 pace of feet in walking above the surface.

Budhanilkantha Temple

In the north-east of Kathmandu valley and at the bottom of Shivapuri hill the temple of Budhanilkantha is sited. In lying pose soaring in the water, the sacred image of Budhanilkantha represents god Vishnu. Through one and only stone with sleeping Vishnu and his crossed legs on big snake the image is engraved. The big snake is conveyance of god Vishnu and is the king of all serpent goddess. It is believed that while plowing the field, a farmer and his wife hit on a stone resulting stream of blood began to flow. This arrived finally the figure of lost Budhanilkantha and present position is placed in.

Changu Narayan Temple   

Just about 27 km far from Kathmandu and in the district of Bhaktapur the temple of Changu Narayan is placed. It is believed that, Changu Narayan is the oldest functioning temple in Nepal. The temple has numerous thirsts of tantric goddess enclosed by lions, elephants and ram-horned griffons that are carved on stones. In two-graded pagoda style, Changu Narayan temple is constructed and it is devoted to god Vishnu. It is one of the most famous Hindu temples in Bhaktapur and possibly the most photographed by the visitors.

Dakshinkali Temple

The temple of Dakshinkali is 21 km away southeast from Kathmandu and is positioned on the outside line of Pharping village. Dakshinkali is the most important venerated temple devoted to goddess Kali. During the main festivals the goddess in the temple is offered animals’ sacrifices like hens and not castrated male goats which are common in the temple as worship. It is believed that, the king dreamed goddess Kali and asked him to build the temple here. So the king builds the temple as demanded by deity.

Bangalamukhi Temple

The temple of Bangalamukhi is located in Patan (Lalitpur) nearby the capital city. The temple is one of the ten appearances of wisdom deities that denote the ancient force of female potent. Ever since the Bangalamukhi is idolized to conquer the flaw like defeats changing into triumph, lack of success into accomplishment. To find the preferred spouse, unmarried followers especially worship Bangalamukhi temple and on the other hand married followers worship the temple for good and healthy children. Among youngster in Nepal the Bangalamukhi temple is far more well-liked.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Kathmandu

If you have never been to Nepal, a visit to Kathmandu is a straight jump into the deep stop! Nepal’s wealthy and needy live coupled with cultural, historical and spiritual conflict.”Kathmandu” dynamic capital city of the nation is the threshold point for most visitors who come to this giant country which is home to eight highest mountains on planet and rich in culture. Sometimes the capital city come out tremendously hectic, however the sink in the basin of Kathmandu valley is amazingly spellbinding. The city has lots of incredible sights to pay a visit for few days or more insisting, memorable, surprising and relaxing.

Here are 10 sightseeing essentials to get you started.

Take a visit at Swayambhu Temple.

Swayambhu Temple

Equally, flock of pilgrims and tourists to climb the 300 odd steps that lead up to Swyambhu, the splendid prehistoric golden stupa from where 360-degree of admirable views above the city and the entire Kathmandu valley is offered. Almost 1500 years aged and steeped Swyambhu is a great emblem among the Buddhist across the world. Swyambhu is so-called as the “Monkey Temple” wherein countless of primates are seen fighting over fruits and other items. Ascertain not to stay nearby.

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Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World

From 10, Nepal have top 8 world’s highest mountain. These are the top 10 highest mountain on earth, who dominated the mountaineering and trekking epoch. They are adventurous, ferocious, fresh and approachable for valiant climbers like mountaineering exemplified. World’s giant mountains are some of the most magnificent and gorgeous effects that one can be rewarded unlimited to witness in their long-lasting. From tens world’s highest mountain, eight are to be found in Nepal and remain standing two mountain sited in Pakistan. And each mountain range an elevation of atop 8,000 meters above sea level.

Mount Everest (8,848 meters/29,021 feet) Nepal.

Mt. Everest

For sure, standing on an elevation of 8,848meters, the Mt. Everest is in first number among the highest mountain on earth. This almighty mountain was first scaled by the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey; a Nepali Sherpa climber on 1953, 29 may via the south col route. World’s highest peak is placed on Sagarmatha zone, and border between Nepal and Tibet. Even though, most of the climbers across the world single out the routes of Sagarmatha zone to mount the top of Everest. Due to, easy access way, good acclimatization, well association with professional Sherpa climbers and energizing food with benevolence. Accordingly, Mt. Everest has been tempting flood of climbers from both higher and partial mountaineering skill. For proficient climbers embracing the crown of world’s highest mountain is piece of cake.

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Popular Places to Visit in Pokhara

After Kathmandu, Pokhara is the first place for plethora of travelers to jaunt. On a sights list Pokhara can be short, aside from the charming lakes, however the activities for trekkers in Pokhara is amazingly far-reaching. Pokhara is the gateway towards heaven from where the most renowned trekking trails like Annapurna base camp and Annapurna circuit kick off. Pokhara is the nerve center of Nepal’s river-running and those rivers are well-suited for world’s rafters and kayakers and as well Pokhara is the perfect place for both paragliders and mountain bikers. Pokhara has pleasant climate, at 800 meters above sea level with cooler in summer and warmer in winter than Kathmandu. Pokhara has drastically rainy than the capital city, but the rain falls outside the tourist season. As a result, the gesture of water can merely see in the lake. Besides, basking in the verdant lakeside, on clear mornings the passable view of the 8,000 meters above mountains Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri and Machhapuchhre (Fish tailed) approaching nearly tangible 26 Km to the north.

Here some of the popular places to visit in Pokhara.

Visit the Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake in Pokhara

Phewa lake is the second biggest lake in Nepal and it is one of the must visit places in Pokhara. Visitors to Phewa Lake can relish with the best boating trips in the Lake and for the moment Phewa Lake allows visitors to view some pretty moments, partly late afternoon is mesmeric. Discerning many spices of fishes in the clear water is a new experience in Phewa Lake. The most attention drawing part of this lake is seeing the mirror image of mount Machhapuchhre and Annapurna ranges.       

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Top 10 Trekking in Nepal

Skyline treks often asked about the top 10 trekking in Nepal. We would like to see everyone doing the top 10 trekking in Nepal and dream about one can experience the various level of difficulty and a sweeping change in scenery all through the Himalayan treks in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is often felt as trek of the lifetime by legion of trekkers which is packed with numerous confronts and take in a real time difficulty over many travelers. The vegetation and the wildlife in Nepal can be the top peep in most of the Himalayan trek. Here, we have aimed to bring together a mixed group treks that we consider are a set apart. We have revealed down below in more detail on our top 10 trekking list of treks.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp TrekTo be found at 5,364 meters above sea level, trek to Everest base camp is second best undertaking to climb the world’s highest mountain. As the trekkers chase the footprints of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa they head out for danger, ever changing and awe-inspiring high passes. Throughout this 12 days Everest base camp trek one can delight in, by visiting the Tengboche monastery, finding fascinating Khumbu Glacier with Gokyo Lake, experiencing Tibetan culture and rising to the adventurous top of Kalapathar at 5,545 meters.

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Trekking in Monsoon Season in Nepal

We set to begin Nepal Monsoon trek amidst heavy showers. In very few sections of Nepal Himalayas the aroma for monsoon trekking has begun. Through the downpours, our highlands are taking impact! We recommend all our monsoon trekking trekkers to get their rain stuff. Don’t overlook your ponchos and backpack covers. As well wrap your belongings inside your backpack. One of our trek leaders from Skyline treks is working on a capture which will offer you a few usable information’s for monsoon trekking in the highlands of Nepal Himalayas. If you are wonder struck how monsoon have an effect on Himalayan trekking, get with this article by our founder Madhav a check out.

Now, let me speak about what has been going on our highlands.

Our highlands updates during Monsoon treks.

Ghorepani Poon Hill trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill TrekThe last groups of Ghorepani trek are at present up on the highland, finding pleasure from the last of the summer as monsoon begins. While the very last gatherings of groups have been coping heavy showers on the trekking highlands, this is what they had experienced on the trek.

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