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Circumspect with illegal operator and individual. 

In the reference of, trekking and touring in Nepal there are more than 1,000 of companies and are enrolled with Trekking Agencies Association in Nepal (TAAN) up to 2013 and working for trekking and touring in Nepal. Amongst them most of the companies are sustaining their service through the legal registration with Nepal Government together with Travel association of Nepal and some companies are just only stand as the name of company without registered in Nepal government and merely working through the support of guide license and almost certainly, that also to be expired. So that, please be alert with such companies whom you are booking possibly, those are not factual or not registered to government authorities and not paying tax to Nepal government. There are very often agencies who are working for their business without consent to the legal official procedures promulgated by the ordinance of the country and this is the most prominent aspect to know for our valued explorer to Nepal. 

We do keeping under surveillance of those who are operating personal and unaffiliated trekking,touring and climbing for some of the percentage by creating their own Website and connecting cryptically from one separate room with the world explorer and that is extremely against the law of Nepalese government and all trekking alliance association. Wheather, some visitors come across like this organizer contact it must be high risk due to  not registered with government, not affiliated to Trekking Agencies Association in Nepal (TAAN) and no legal documents for the working efficiency on the subject of traveling and trekking. Such illegal course of action leads the visitors in massive ails all the way through the trekking periods. Just imagine if the trekkers need instant rescue from the most isolated Himalayan region, could they manage chopper ? Or on the other hand if the trekkers have not more expenses to cope with such problems, could they withstand the recent complexity? No and never it is out of question for them because they had never paid tax for the government for your rescue or they didn’t have much payments for the situations because they are merely working for their own benefit and they afford your trekking in any cost. 

Perhaps, government of Nepal had proclaimed that, they are, not at all the allotment of the country so take alert of them. After all, you could detect about their atrocious task through their Website address, where you could only perceive their booking form but you couldn’t find their Phone No, Postal address and other essential possessive premise on their company profile and that means they are deceiving you. We by the side of Skyline treks and expedition would like to urge you all trekkers if you are inclined to trek through such illicit then please ask them to show these evidence that Skyline treks have expound below.

If registered with government of Nepal then registration number.

Check the prior clients reviews via Trip advisor. Authorized License with validity of date. Proof of legal documents affiliation to TAAN,NMA,NTB and KEEP. Insurance document of their staffs against calamity. If properly paying tax then proof of tax clear statement. If have own bank account with trustworthy bank that must be firsthand governance by Nepal Government.

We Skyline treks and expedition have been consecrating since former time in the arena of trekking, touring and climbing in the far cry of Himalayan region concerning our most exalted clientele affinity. Those who are able they surely make no mistake of their profession and we leave no stone unturned to demonstrate our quality and probity in this premise. We have some vulnerable facts which are handover to us by the Government of Nepal Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Kathmandu Environmental Educational Project (KEEP) and Village Tourism Promotion Forum-Nepal (VITOF) Through the outstanding support of these Governmental and non Governmental organization we precisely preclude those illicit companies and their intent. 

Skyline treks and expedition have apparently expounded of their excellence and authentication of working competency down below so please find the line-up.
Loftily, we are integrated with these Governmental and non Governmental alliances and as well we have inclusive fiat to dispose Trekking ,Touring, Climbing and other tripping actions in Nepal. 

Certificate from Nepal Government for company registered.
Ministry of Tourism and civil aviation of Nepal with Excellency certificate. 
Certificate from Nepal National Bank (Nepal Rastra Bank).
Having proper integrity about Tax and certificate from Nepal Tax office.
Certificate in distinction to Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN).
Praise to the skies, like comments in Trip Advisor by our prior clients.
For eternity, sincere about staff insurance and certificate from Nepal Insurance company.
Certificate from department of Cottage and Small industry.

Holding all these out and out verification Skyline treks and expedition and its team together with guides and porters are the uttermost crucial allotment of the nation. Our guides and porters at all the times do their very best level to furnish you the most pleasant of every span of 24 seconds in Nepal. Skyline treks wish you will precisely go for authorize company and indulged with the prolific trekking in Nepal via your hard earned money. Pay through authorize company so that, we should give assurance of your money but wheather, you come across with unauthorized company then you should have to hold your own money risk possibly, they will betray you and will out of touch with you.  

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