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Nepal Filming and Photography Tour

Nepal Filming and Photography Tour a name known as Switzerland of Asia cause its tallest snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, gushing rivers, rare variety of flora and fauna, myriad temples and stupas but also equally exotic as well. It's a Shangri-La where people come with a hope of having a glimpse of Yeti, a mysterious abominable snow animal, or even in quest for nirvana or enlightenment. But at the same time it is a country where tradition and modernity intermingle with each other and peoples with diverse languages, religions and cultures co-exist.

Nepal offers plenty of opportunities for fantastic photographs in it scenery, people and architecture.Filming/Photographic in Nepal is something you never want to miss. The unique and exceptional landscape, varied faces of people of deferent races and heart wining / touching natural beauty of Nepal present an unique destination for the world photographers in Nepal The scenic beauty, the colorful customs and the fantastic light will compel even the most amateur video maker and photographer to film his experiences. Besides other tours, Skyline Treks offers a unique opportunity and destination for the professional photographer. Photography in Nepal is very famous among the visitors. Large numbers of tourists are visiting every year to fulfill their keen desire of photography. Nepal is the one of that place in the world where the natural and other traditional things are still remaining. Skyline Treks will organize photography tours as your interest and time. You can filming the festivals or the natural beauty of Nepal.

***Nepal Government's Rules and Regulations of Film, TV serial, news and documentaries Please feel free to ask for the itinerary / details for your desired filming/photographic tours in Nepal.

Nepal offers a broad platform for all aspects of filming; from Everest Photo Shoots, Annapurna Filming Nepal, Photography in the Himalayan range to National Park Filming, and Wild Life Photo Safaris.

If you want to shoot a formal Film, TV serial, News and documentaries than you have to follows the following rules and regulations of Nepal Government:

All Film Production Units desiring to film within the Kingdom of Nepal, have to apply for permission at the Government of Nepal Communication, giving full details of the sequences to be photographed in Nepal and the validity of the permit may be extended if the Unit applies in advance for such extension.

A royalty of US $1000 to US $ 1500 in case of feature film and US $ 100 to US $ 500 in case of other films like Documentary, Advertisement, and Newsreel TV etc. is to be paid for obtaining permission. A sum of Rs.1500/- must also be paid to the Nepal Film Corporation in case of a feature film and Rs. 800/- for other types of filming. The filming company is required to take out an insurance policy in favor of the liaison officer. Filming is also possible within the national parks and conservation areas.

The Unit shall operate in Nepal under the supervision and guidance of a Liaison Officer to be deputed by the Nepal Film Corporation. It may hire equipment's and services from the Nepal Film Corporation on mutually agreed term. The Unit shall not release the sequence filmed in Nepal until it is approved by the Royal Nepalese Diplomatic Office. 

The Unit shall provide to the Government of Nepal Communication, Government of Nepal, and a free copy of the sequences of the film photographed in Nepal.

1. Government of Nepal Information and Communication depute a Liaison officer during the shooting of the film and the producer should bear the cost of the Liaison Officer's ground or air transport, accommodation and daily allowance according to rules. In mountainous region necessary clothes, tools and medical facilities should be provided (Non-Refundable).

2. In case of accidents during the shooting period where the Liaison officer succumbs to injuries the film producer must bear the cost of his/her medical expenses and a lump sum amount decided by the Compensation Decision Committee formed according to law which will not exceed Rs. 200,000.

3. The film producer shall make arrangement for Rs. 3,00,000 worth of life insurance of the Liaison officer covering the entire tenure of outdoor shooting. The Liaison officer will not work rather than monitor and observation of the filming.

4. Where the film producer is a foreign national he must apply for permission if the nearest Nepalese Embassy of Consulate General's Office before the public show. Rs. 10,000/- or equivalent of that amount should deposited as a royalty fees in A/C 1-1-5-99 and Rs.500/- for censor fees in concerned office. (This amount is deposited and paid after you receive the permission.)

5. Where the film producer is a foreign national he/she must submit to the MOIC a copy the film free of cost.

6. During the shooting of the film, the presence of Liaison Officer is compulsory.

Procedures for licensing , following documents are necessary :

1. Application form as prescribed by the rules affixing Nepalese postal stamp of NRS 50. 

2. Synopsis of the filming story.

3. Crew members with bio-data.

4. Equipment list with values for custom clearance.

5. Itinerary.

6. Consent letter of concerned organization such as Wildlife and Park, Museums, Heritage sites etc...

7. Authorization letter to the travel agency, as a local representative by the producer.

Non-compliance with the terms and conditions stated above or the Film Act of Nepal along with rules framed under it or violation of any other law currently in force in the government may result in the infringement of the Production, Exhibition and Distribution of the film.

If the production seems in the promoting Nepal: Nepal Tourism Board can assist to shoot the documentary or show. The producer should send the script or theme in detail, where will to shoot, Where will show take place and who are the audiences. It is not necessary to have Liaison officer other many government hassling can be avoided. And the whole process can be faster and cheaper. Nepal Tourism Board, will work with Government of Nepal  Information and Communication.

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