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Nepal Rock Climbing

Nepal Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Sites in Shivapuri and Nagarjun Hill

Skyline Treks & Expedition offers very attractive Rock Climbing experience, Without Rock Climbing your visit to Nepal just not completed. If you don't have much tome time to take a Himalayan peak during the visit, you can try for Rock Climbing in spot like Nagarjun hills and Shivapuri hills. Inside The Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature camp could provide you the strange enjoy of Rock Climbing outside Kathmandu, in the Hill of Siddha Lake - Dhading Nalang. You can find other more cliffs outside valley who gives real enjoy of adventure.

Nagarjun also known as the Jamacho is the forested hill which lies to the northwest of the Swayambhunnath Stupa. The climbing cliff here is located inside the Royal Forest and is suitable for both beginners and regulars. The limestone face is about 12 meters high, and there are several piton-equipped routes. To get there, take a taxi to Balaju (3 km from downtown Kathmandu) and then walk to the park entrance. From the gate, follow the dirt road to a point just before the army checkpost where you will come across a track leading to the right. Follow this trail through trees and shrubs for about five minutes, and there's the cliff

Another interesting rock wall is situated on the slope of Shivapuri hill to the north of Kathmandu. The granite faces here lie scattered about, and the big cliff in the center is equipped with a single route .To get there, go by taxi or bus to Budhailkantha (9km),the shrine of the sleeping Bishnu, then walk west from the bus stop the Bishnumati stream through terraced fields and enters the Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife reserve. The cliffs can be seen from a distance, so you won't have much difficulty finding the place. Pasang Lhamu Semi-indoor Rock Climbing site. 


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