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Shamanism Tour in Nepal

Skyline Treks proudly offers Shamanism tour arrangements. Shamanism tour in Nepal is probably humankind's oldest healing tradition having survived for tens of thousands of years. Because of their psychological techniques, shames are sometimes described as the world's first psychologists and psychotherapists, shamans are often confused with other healing practitioners such as priests, mediums, and with doctors and do in fact often fill these roles.

However, they can be distinguished and defined as practitioners whose activities include a method of gaining information by voluntarily entering alternate states of consciousness in which they experience themselves, or their "Spirits", traveling to other realms at will, and there obtaining information and power with which to benefit others.

Sex and Drugs may be the bane of youth, but they are two legs of the Primordial Religion known as Tantra. Tantra is a movement that transcends sectarianism. It is found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamanism, the three principal religions of Nepal. We will be "participant-observers" of all three of these traditions. The degree of your participation in Buddhist meditation, Ganja puja with Hindu Sadhus or Shamanistic entheogenic journeys is entirely voluntary, but the opportunity is there. You will, in any case, be an observer and our small group will meet daily both formally and informally for philosophical dialogue in which we share and reflect on our experiences and observations. Most of your fellow travelers will probably have had some exposure to some of these traditions in some form. We will reflect on how these pre-modern orientations can be integrated into a postmodern lifestyle.

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