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Social Service

Charity in Nepal

Community Aid In remote Areas

Social Service the best way to really experience a culture is to live for some time within it. Nepal has many volunteer opportunities for doing all kinds of things, from environmental action to handicraft design to teaching. The experience is incredibly rewarding and should not ever be expensive. Unlike many groups which charge you a premium to volunteer your time, we make sure that our charges to our volunteers reflect and harmonies with the spirit of helping others who are suffering hardship.

Our company (Skyline Treks) invests 15 % of its profits in it's Welfare Fund with the intention of providing education facilities for underprivileged, disabled, poor, orphaned & otherwise socially deprived children, particularly in the more remote areas.Our company has been involved in Social Welfare since it first started operating. From the very beginning, Skyline Treks has been contributing 15% of its profits to a scholarship fund for needy students with the view of improving their quality of life. In many areas of Nepal and particularly the areas not frequented by tourists and trekkers, people are extremely poor and are unable to send their children to school. Besides, most of the schools in remote areas are lacking teachers and educational material. Through this fund, we are making inroads to providing primary education for disadvantaged children, particularly in these remote areas.

Apart from this, our company is also taking positive steps towards the empowerment of women in rural areas. It aims to provide informal education for the women of the more remote villages. We have been able to provide basic health facilities in some remote areas where there are no hospitals or health posts. We have been enjoying limited success in the social welfare sector for the past 5 years. For this, our special thanks go to our many great clients who have kindly supported us and have enabled us to achieve this success. 

We desperately need your continued support in the future so that we may continue to spread the benefits of education in each & every corner of Nepal. If you would really like to help us to achieve our goals, we heartily welcome you to join with us. If you have any questions/comments regarding this fund, please contact us at~ or visit our website 

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