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Vehicle Rental Service

A vehicle rental service is that, who rents automobiles for teeny-weeny time, in general it runs from a few hours to a few weeks for the consumer in different aspect. Despite, trekking and expedition, we served by hiring the vehicle service in different location of Nepal, who call for a impermanent vehicle service, we do favor for those who don’t have their own vehicle and for the travelers who are out of city.

We deliver varieties of rental service as per the interest of our clients, we overture some of the most comfy and cut price automobiles service booking in Nepal, ie:, Hiace vehicle service, Van service, Car service, and Tourist bus service. We know how imperative is vehicle rent for the travelers, so we urge you everything you require to know before you book vehicle rent .not only ratings and reviews but vehicle hire procedure, collect information, term and conditions to get the right vehicle from the right company.

Car: Maximum of 4 people including the driver.

Land Cruiser or Pajero: Maximum of 04 people including the driver.

Van: Maximum of 6 people including the driver.

Jeep: Maximum of 6 people including the driver.

Hiace: Maximum of 10 people including the driver.

Coaster: Maximum of 18 people including the driver.

Tourist Mini Bus: Maximum of 25 people including the driver.

Tourist Bus: Maximum of 35-40 people including the driver.

Note: Please choose option as per number of pax. and Click Inquiry / Booking for Reservation.

Hiace booking in Nepal

Hiace Booking in Nepal

We conferred you a very cozy Hiace of renowned group like Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and several international renowned groups. We often use and grant sound good vehicle like Toyota Hiace, (Jumbo Hiace) for our visitors, having very restful of 15 seats, it with no bother in use for up to 12 person with ease. .....


Van Booking

Van Booking: If you are planning to travel in Nepal with your family or with groups of four or more then, then booking a Van is one step ahead rather than other vehicle. .....


Car Booking

Car Booking: The best part of booking a Car is all about saving you from more expense and time, as well averting from superfluous issues while you’re traveling. Over last few years we are providing Car Rental service and become very eminent because of reasonable price and free will that we provide. .....

tourist bus

Tourist Bus Ticket Booking

Tourist Bus Ticketing & Rental service: For more and more travelers a tourist bus in Nepal is an unrivaled way to scratch their travel wander lust. Having someone else do the driving, manage the hotels, and make the choices takes the strain and work out for the travel. .....