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All about a great tours to Bhutan

Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon, is not a regular place. It’s a place where buying cigarettes is illegal, and Gross National Happiness is deemed more significant than Gross National product. The Kingdom also referred as the ‘last Shangri-La’ remarks one of the best scenery of the world, rich cultural heritages, and vibrant people. 

This mystical land is placed between India and China, the three-fourths of the country is covered with dense forests. Bhutan is full of surprises, while its one of the most expensive countries of the world to visit, it never fails to throw off the veil of mysteries.

Come to join us (Skyline Treks & Expeditionto travel on this mystical land that combines nature, culture and adventure in a nutshell. We have organized great tours in Bhutan since a past decade, our packages consist of great hiking, trekking and mountain biking through the exotic places of this land. 

You get to walk through the ancient street which passes through very artistic pagoda architectures and temples, giving you a truly amazing Asian experience. 

Are you ready to go?

Our packages consist of Dragon festival tour, Bhutan introduction tours and trekking through the great paths. Whether you are seeking for adventure, leisure or fun-filled vacations, we at ‘Skyline Treks’ can design a bespoke package to make your Bhutan tour a memorable one.

The Minimum Daily Package rate, Surcharge for FIT or small group and Cancellation Policy shall be as given below:

Season Minimum Daily Tariff Months Applicable

Peak Season USD 250 per person per night Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov

Lean Season USD 200 per person per night Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug, Dec

The Minimum Daily Package rate includes:

  • Sustainable Development Fee;
  • Charges for accommodation on a twin sharing basis;
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Service of Guides;
  • Transport within Bhutan;
  • Trekking Haulage.

The charges for accommodation as mentioned above shall be for a minimum of 3-star accommodations and any additional service or demand for a higher grade of accommodations would contribute to a higher cost on the Minimum Daily Package rate.


Children and Student discount:

  • Children of 5 years of age and below during the time of their visit shall be charged only visa fee and any other charge therein shall be exempted;
  • Children above 5 years of age but below 12 years of age accompanied by elders/ guardians shall be entitled 50% discount on Minimum Daily Package rate including SDF after verifying their age from their passport;
  • Students who are 25 years of age and below shall be entitled to 25% discount on the Minimum Daily Package rate including SDF upon submission of valid student identification document;

Duration discount:

  • A discount of 50% on SDF shall be provided for tourist(s) who spend more than eight nights but less than fifteen nights;
  • There shall be no charge on SDF for tourist(s) who spend more than fourteen nights.

Group size discount:

  • In a group of 11 – 15 tourists, one person is entitled to a discount of 50% on the Minimum Daily Package rate including SDF.
  • For a group of 16 persons and more; one person is entitled to 100% waiver on the Minimum Daily Package rate including SDF.
  • If the group size is bigger than 27 people or more, the group shall not be entitled to one and a half or two separate discounts unless they belong to two separate groups;

A tourist traveling via Phuntsholing shall be exempted from paying SDF for one night halt either during entry or at the time of exit and for those traveling via Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar they shall be exempted from paying SDF for one night halt each during entry as well as exit. However, it must be reflected in their itineraries that they shall be lodged in one of the TCB approved hotels.

Surcharge for FIT or small group

Individual travellers up to 2 people visiting Bhutan are subject to a surcharge as follows over and above your minimum daily tariff:

Number of Tourists Surcharge

One traveller                 USD 40 per night

Two traveller                 USD 30 per person per night

Activities to do in Bhutan

Trips in Bhutan

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