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Pokhara to Bharatpur flights | Pokhara to Bhairahawa Flights

Pokhara to Bharatpur Flights
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Pokhara to Bharatpur flights and Pokhara to Bhairahawa flights the two new destination namely, Bharatpur and Bhairahawa has recently connected from Pokhara by Buddha Air, the private airlines company of Nepal, in which making Pokhara its hub for Bharatpur and Bhairahawa the airlines has started direct flight towards those destination. 

In a main extension drive, national and both international passenger carrier on Friday, September 15, 2017 Buddha Air added two new domestic destinations to its network. Till not joined with Bharatpur and Bhairahawa the airlines has been operating with ten domestic destination in various part of the country and now it has all in all 12 destination in Nepal and when it comes to mountain flight everyday Buddha air offer daily flight for the mountain sightseeing. 

The unique flight start from Pokhara towards Bharatpur will take about 15 minutes to land on the pitch while for Bhairahawa it takes about 15 minutes. Most importantly, the Buddha air aircraft leave the ground towards Bharatpur and Bhairahawa in the time between 10 am to 11 am in the morning. According to the travelling length of time, the Buddha air has different airfare, from Pokhara to Bharatpur flights the one-way ticket charge Rs 3,640 for countryman whereas it will charge USD 92 for foreigners.

Likewise, from Pokhara to Bhairahawa Flights it will charge Rs 4,200 for one-way ticket and for the part of foreigner it will cost per person USD 97 only. In compliance with Buddha Air RSS; since Friday there will be daily flights from Pokhara to both new destinations. This is not the only thing that Buddha Air doing, they are going to base an aircraft in other parts of the country and as well the Buddha Air is going to add more fleet in the next 2-3 years while they have already 12 fleet flying in Nepal, India and Bhutan.

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