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Namaste and Welcome to Skyline Treks and Expedition

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the wonderful place of travel. With advanced features of travelling and new conceptual ideas on travel, we assure you that- You will definitely have a great experience of using our expert service.

Looking to escape into the freshness and wilderness of the mighty Himalayas trek?

Then look no further!! “Skyline Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.” is a group of chivalrous and scrupulousness well trekker’s experienced professional trekking agency in Nepal, who have accomplish a massive stature through creating and catering adventurous Himalayan trek in Nepal, peak climbing, hiking and tour operating with glorious 20+ years of history making experience in the pitch ofTrekking in NepalSkyline treks and expedition (STE) is one of the most stellar trekking and tour company of Nepal. For the reason that, we have a sturdy word of honor to generosity, dignity and professionalism, loyalty and trustworthy service are the key rudiments of the company that by all means, drag our Nepal trekking clients towards triumph of their intact Himalaya treks in Nepal outline. Every part of good turns through Skyline treks and expedition, however sundry, have these same ethics, chasing immaculateness while keeping course of action via trouble-free and obvious. Thus, on the subject of hiking in Nepal, Skyline Treks and Expedition (STE) purely accentuate simplicity, probity and intelligibility. On the other hand, trek in Nepal through the Skyline Treks peregrination, regard our venerated travelling is undeniably up to scratch, so we are extremely penchant to say that, your jaunt in Nepal adventure vacation with Skyline Treks the very cordial team will be more than enough safe and sound then Nepal trekking package with other companies. We are pledge for your fully safety along with your earthshaking tour and trekking holidays that will stay till to your course of life.   

Acquaintance as the agile member of the Company Registrar (Ministry of Industry), Department of Cottage and Small Industry, Department of Tourism. Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Department of Tax regional office, Ministry of Finance. Depart of Foreign Currency Exchange, National Bank of Nepal, Nepal  Rastra Bank, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Sustainable Tourism Network(STN), Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF) and National Entrepreneurs' Association for Tourism-Nepal (NEAT-Nepal) etc.

We at Skyline Trekking team make ensure that your adventure to Nepal is hassle free and safe. We are authentically grateful to you for your visit here and hope to have memorable moments throughout your visit in Nepal Himalaya. We believe you will experience the taste of Nepalese Cultures, linguistic diversity and family environment with, Skyline Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. We assume that solely a beautiful end line and sounds don't suffice a fantastic vacation. It requires the knowledgeable & careful arrangements of the tour operator with comfort & safety in mind. When you determine to commence your journey to the beautiful Nepal with us, we take care of your health and travel needs like a family. “Through lots of adventurous and unforgettable memories on travel, it would precisely  make you a much happier man gifted well, on your leave."  

We at Skyline Treks have been conducting amazing Tour packages, Mountain expeditions, Jungle Safari, Paragliding, White water rafting, bungee jumping, Peak Climbing and other exciting adventurous activities in Nepal. As well as tours of Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet are also been conducted through us. We are sure that our dedicated service & proceeding search for adventure make this hospitality last forever. All of our packages are available at highly competitive prices coupled with consecrated service with affirmed trekking experience to last you a life time. We are at all the time attentively inclined for your deluxe service.

Skyline treks and expedition commitments and its attributes.

   Skyline treks and expedition has put forward its prime and revered task that consists of agreeable trekking, tours and mountaineering in Nepal. We Skyline treks and expedition emphasis our intend for conferring superior amenities to raise our staffs working proficiency so that our staff could only concentrate their mind regards our clients amusements through treks and expedition. The company performs at issuing equivalent value and regards to our guides, porters and trekkers thus, Skyline treks depart and not take along all the social discrimination. So far as the company concerned on the subject of commitments and attributes for our highly respected clients, we would like to give some prime explanation below for the heading.

First of all our exalting clients joining with us is our chief responsibility in this related fields which, evoke us for our responsible duty for safe and sound with trustworthy trips in Nepal.

2. All the steps of our clients is assisted by our one duty-bound staff from end to end of your treks.

3. We are made-to-carry out the order so we have expertise for your care.

4. Since 1998 we're endowing the all-embracing trekking and excursion involvements in the massive Himalayas.

5. The renowned company work to built terrific relationship between tourists and the local community so that our clients could exchange their feelings, culture, lifestyle and languages. 

6. We’re idyllic experienced and are particular to fit your entire requirements and longings.

7. Our fresh and innovative understanding of what it takes to construct a distinctive and evocative trip.

8. Our adroit and mastery Sherpa guide will be all the way along with our clients during the treks so that he could let you know how to avoid the mistake.

9 We're acquaintance with our point of disembarkation inner parts of Nepal and our best sortie will to know you spectacular and authentic intuition in erecting your fanciful trip.

10. For you to enchant and embolden through extravagant vistas of snowy capped mountains we elapse our entire lives of thinking for your trekking actions in Nepal.

11. Whether, if we are not acquainted with those tripping places where we haven't been ourselves we will not put in an offer of a trip for our clientele.

12. Our every steps of treks while trekking is as stated by the flexible itinerary which is designed by the company management but sometimes it would be customize as how much longer or shorter that depends in the consideration of our clients.

13. We are at all times for your overwhelming service so don't feel uneasy about interrogating with reference to treks and expedition.

14. The company management team are always ready to negotiate about the price for your preferable Himalayan region to treks and tour. We do query with all our clients to sign up to our commitments and attributes.    

"We genially welcome you to our humble home as you enlighten our abode with your warmth and smiley nature." 

We guarantee that you will love Nepal and wish to return here many times. 

 Let us help you to create your adventure.