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Traditional Wedding in Nepal

Traditional Wedding in Nepal

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Traditional Wedding in Nepal proudly offers traditional Hindu, Buddhist and Christian Marriage Ceremony arrangements. Nepali Style Wedding ceremonies in Nepal are supposed to take place only at a special time of the year. Generally Nepal typical wedding ceremonies are done in mid January to mid-March, mid-April to mid-June and mid-November to mid-December.

Astrologers decide on auspicious dates within this period on the basis of the position of the stars. The big and interesting religious ceremonies are held during the wedding day. The whole wedding festival is taken over three days. The system of performing wedding ceremony in Nepal is attention-grabbing where the bride and groom perform the puja and take best wishes as well as blessing from relatives, friends and family members. The interesting thing is that the bride and bridegroom walk around a fire on a platform and do several other activities suggest by the priest.

Many visitors are attracted by the wedding rituals in Nepal. They themselves perform their marriage ceremony in Nepal just like the Nepali system. We can arrange tradition marriage ceremonies following the rituals of Hindu and Buddhist religions as per the participants’ interest.

The best religious places in Kathmandu where the marriage ceremony performed in Nepal are:

1. Pashupatinath Hindu Temple

2. Balaju Water Garden

3. Gujeshwari Temples

4. Budanilkantha (Narayanthan)

5. Dakshinkali Temple

Now a day in Nepal wedding ceremony is held in differently decorated party palace. At ATC we can arrange for you to witness or if you like have your own traditional Nepali wedding. If you love Nepali culture, we can help you ties the knot just like a local

Traditional Buddhist Marriages

These marriages are also unique in its feature. Buddhist weddings in Nepal are often quieter occasions, with a focus on ceremonial displays. The weddings are usually extremely large, sometimes encompassing whole villages and large numbers of extended family.

Buddhist marriages are performed at monastery. Traditional dress is worn by both bride and groom, and Lama (Monk) does all customary puja (worship) to solemnize the wedding. The butter lamp is lit at the monastery during wedding day and it quite attractive. The music played during this occasion are traditional and different from modern music which makes environment pleasant and soothes mind.

The best venues where we arrange traditional Buddhist marriage ceremonies in Kathmandu are:

1. Kopan Monastery

2. Monastery at Swayambhunath

3. Monastery at Boudhanath 

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