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Why Travel with Us?

Why Travel with Us?

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Why Travel with Us?

Time to change your perspectives, if you believe all travel agencies are alike. We are unique and we justify it by all means.
Organizing top-notch treks, tours, and adventure expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India over 26 years, Skyline Treks & Expeditions (P.) Ltd. is a renowned company in the field of outdoor excursions. We belong to the major Tourism Associations of Nepal and are legally authorized by the Government. We cordially invite you to travel with us as we explore the Himalayas. Come, experience and enjoy the beauty that mother nature offers for those who put forth the effort. We design excellent itineraries and manage all of the arrangements for you to enjoy the trip, here in Nepal considering which our services and packages have been upgraded throughout the years. We guide the travelers to the hidden gems of different locations both natural and cultural. We ensure the local families and people participate in the benefits from the glory of their land. The Skyline Treks & Expeditions is without a doubt the best travel companion available, and we take great pride in serving guests from all over the world.

Listed below are some reasons why we consider our clients need to choose our company:-

  • 26 Years of Experience in Tourism Sector
  • Over 100+ Holiday Packages
  • Best Customer Service Experiences with 90% Repeated Customers
  • Team of Destinations Experts Prioritizing Safety
  • Competitive Prices and No Mid Fees
  • Quick Response
  • Our Reputation and Awards Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence
  • 99% Success Rate
  • Quality in Business Certificate from International Trade Council
  • Guaranteed Departures
  • Cultural Excursions and all Trekking in Nepal Tour
  • Ecotourism and Spiritual Travel

Our Dedicated and Confident Team
We are aware that you travel to learn and understand more about the world. Making humane interactions while traveling is important. Our crew members are incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about what they do so you may rely on us to be your travel companion across Nepal. We hire experts with specialized skills who will lead you on your journey and moreover introduce you to the surroundings, customs, and history of the Mountains. Our hiking guides will help you make the most of your experience at every turn with their positive attitudes and wise advice.

Our Commitment and Morals
The Skyline Treks & Expeditions is concerned to execute its operations in accordance with a concept of sustainable tourism as the Himalayas are a precious ecosystem. We take additional precautions to safeguard our intimate relationship with environment, and all of our trekking trails are regulated by the Sherpas qualified with ethical tourism training. They are locals of the area where you will spend the majority of your time and hence, they can assist you in learning about their culture and helping you personalize your vacation to make it more interesting and memorable. Moreover, we collaborate closely with local parties to assure that all individuals have exposure to possibilities for advancement and improved living conditions.

Our Priority Towards Your Safety
At Skyline Treks & Expeditions, your safety is our highest concern. Our each itineraries is designed to give you with enough time for acclimatization and since our guides are experienced professionals, they will always choose a safe path for you to trek. Wherever you go, well make sure that your lodging (either in Tourist Class hotels in cities or in Tea Houses in remote towns) is sanitary and comfortable and that you are provided with sufficient nutritious food to enjoy while trekking. Every trip has a first aid kit with our experienced guides. Our porters will transport your belongings in safe luggage. At an additional expense, we can also arrange oxygen cylinders if you're heading on a summit adventure or high - altitude trip.

Our Status and Achievements
We've had the privilege of interacting with thousands of customers from all over the world as one of Nepal's finest travel agencies. We have received the confidence of endless regular clients, thanks to our hardworking team's persistent efforts to deliver elevated services all over. We have received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence every year from 2012 to 2022 in appreciation of our efforts to establish ourselves as the leading trekking company in Nepal. We've also been acknowledged by the Quality in Business Certificate from the International Trade Council, an honor given to businesses committed to providing first-rate customer service.

Our Excellence and Experiences
Traveling can be challenging. You need to feel secure when investing your money on a trip to a foreign nation. We agree that knowledge in logistics and practical field knowledge are incomparable. The highest Himalayan trekking itineraries are prepared by Skyline Treks & Expeditions, a company with more than two decades of relevant experience in both small and large group treks. We have explored almost all regions of Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. You can count on us to offer an excellent trekking vacation, loaded with all of the attractions of an authentic Himalayan expedition.

Exciting Packages with Customizable Options
Each year, thousands of tourists are drawn to Nepal by the charm of Himalayan trekking. However, there's a lot more to explore and enjoy throughout the country, particularly for ambitious vacationers. We have brought together an amazing variety of travel packages which let you indulge in all that this region has to provide. Along with day adventures and hiking treks, you may go on breathtaking mountain flights, jungle safaris, and whitewater rafting outings. You can also go skydiving, bungee jumping or ultralight flying if you're seeking for some thrill. Consequently, we are always introducing new itineraries by consulting with our service users, analyzing expanding tourism markets, and emphasizing recently discovered routes.

Discount Deals Available
We can put together your package at some very affordable prices in the market, either you're traveling individually or joining a group tour. Families, frequent guests, and visitors who are referred by former customers always receive discounts from us. However, we will never scrimp on quality, and you can be assured that Skyline Treks & Expeditions will take excellent care of you for the entire duration of your trip.

Environmental Concern
Camping is now mandatory while trekking to more remote and fragile locations on earth. It is also the most absolute requirement for such beautiful natural locations. Additionally, it gets you much connected to nature. Your consciousness about your immediate surroundings should have an impact on everyone else, and your individual actions will raise awareness among your porters and the community members about the landscape's vulnerability. Our field team and tour guides have received training in how to leave the sites they visit healthier than when they arrived.

The majority of our equipment is imported from the United States and Europe, and it is the best currently available. To the greatest extent practicable, we are fully committed to delivering the finest quality. For mountaineering, trekking, biking and safaris, we offer The North Face VE-25 tents. When it comes to outdoor activities, we believe that's quality count's We provide a portable Hyperbaric Altitude Chamber, Oxygen Cylinders and Pulse Oximeters when requested for hikes at high altitudes. Apart from the bottled oxygen, these must be booked in advance and are in limited stock.

Prompt Individual Assistance

We are available to you at Skyline Treks & Expeditions around-the-clock. One of our major goals is prompt customer assistance. Thus, one of our consultants will contact you personally to learn more about your travel preferences and to create a personalized itinerary with your input. The exact services you require will be provided when you need them, and we will always respond immediately and collaboratively with you.

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